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OneVision is Computer Vision.

The best recognition algorithms designed in the academic field are now inserted
into a completely new engine designed specifically for Visual Merchandising.


OneVision takes advantage of not only the full power of Apple's new A10 and A11 processors but also the new sensors and new Iphone and Ipad optics. One Vision extracts information directly from the object view. No need to transmit photographs to be processed on more powerful servers. You will be fascinated by this new and immediate way of working. Impossible until yesterday!


OneVision is a complete solution: the app, developed for iPad and iPhone, collects targeted information on the products on display; the back office system guarantees full autonomy in the configuration of the environment.

A New Strategic World

With One Vision you can finally think about a new series of promotional and informative Apps that will put you above the other competitors and will allow you to use new commercial strategies.


Why OneVision?

OneVision is the perfect solution to monitor any point of sale and optimize the set-up in relation to the available spaces and the action of your competitors.

It guarantees:

  • An always up-to-date and complete view of the display of products at the point of sale
  • An exhibition in line with the commercial agreements eventually stipulated
  • Constant monitoring of competition
  • The complete analysis of the data collected in relation to the sell-in / sell-out information of the point of sale

All this is adaptable to your needs thanks to a flexible and intuitive back office, to be managed independently or with the support of our Customer Care service.

The value of research

We strongly believe in the importance of research.

OneVision is the result of a close collaboration between our Development Center and the Computer Vision Department of the Milan Polytechnic.

This collaboration has allowed us to overcome obstacles up to now present in the solutions for computer vision using latest generation algorithms

  • The app works completely offline.
  • Framing the objects on display, recognition is immediate. OneVision gives feedback in real time.
  • The database is designed to optimize the use of space on the device.


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